The Folk And Their Fauna




Reminisce on a memory or two shared with a dear pet or animal—may it be happy or sad. Join Gottschalk as he recalls his treasured moments on a farm in The Folk and Their Fauna: The Story
of One Man’s Love Affair with Animals.

In this entertaining and poignant memoir, Gottschalk shares a virtual menagerie where creatures come in all shapes and sizes. He takes some of the countless tales from his lifelong association with livestock and documents them in this sensitive book about the creatures he knows and loves. While some stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes painful, each incident shows an insight into the majestic cycle of living things.

Although not all of the stories here relate to farm animals, most of his experiences do tie in with the farm background he grew up in. As Scott shares his stories with you, you will come to appreciate one man’s love affair with animals. With its eloquent descriptions of animal personalities, The Folk and Their Fauna promises to entertain every animal lover.

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