BOOK REVIEWS: Nine Lives To Eternity


For the prolific reader, Nine Lives To Eternityis one of those books that you will not be able to put down.  It’s a real page-turner.  I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  I don’t think I’m a sadist, but it seemed like I wanted more bad things to happen to Scott, so the book wouldn’t end.  Scott also used the book to share his faith.  We all have a desire to feel that our lives have meaning, and Scott has used his experiences in life to put his faith into action and to prove that we are placed on the earth for a specific reason.

-Tim Bergstrom, News Director, KLFD Radio


Risk taker, dare devil, spiritualist; one incredibly lucky dude.  Scott Gottschalk is all of these.  In his memoir, Nine Lives To Eternity, he describes some 27 near-death experiences.  Gottschalk has broken or fractured 26 bones, and has been rendered unconscious at least five times, the last of which when he lay undiscovered for 4 ½ hours in the Nevada desert following a close-encounter with a deer while cruising his motorcycle at 75 mph.  Through it all, Gottschalk has retained his zest for life and that is why you should consider this book.  He is at his best describing the action scenes, but I just can’t imagine paying his insurance premiums.

-Jim Dickrell, Editor, Dairy Today Magazine

If you are a fan of great story-telling, Nine Lives To Eternity is one book you’ll have a hard time putting down.  None of us would hope to have the legendary nine lives of a cat, yet Scott Gottschalk has had three times those nine lives.  Gottschalk writes with such detail that you feel you are there, as a witness to his adventures; you want to pull him out of harm’s way.  And yet each chapter, each story of survival, reads quickly and makes you hungry for more.  Just as you finish one, and you’re thinking “what else could happen to this guy?” along comes yet another tale of miraculous survival. 

-Jean Doran Matua, Editor, Tri-County Newspaper


Scott Gottschalk knows the Grim Reaper well.  He has shaken his hand many times, but somehow, some way, Gottschalk always has had the upper hand.  We all know the Grim Reaper always wins in the end, but for most of his life, Gottschalk has evaded death as chronicled in his latest book, Nine Lives To Eternity.  His memoir recounts his 27 brushes with death.  Sound harrowing? It is.  Riveting inspiration abounds as he depicts being beaten down, injured and nearly dead, yet by some miraculous means he survives, recovers, and continues on with a passion for all that life has to offer.

-Bryan Zollman, Staff Writer, Herald Newspaper


A must read book, Nine Lives To Eternity,is all about cheating death over and over again.  Scott Gottschalk can’t explain why he’s still living; but his guardian angel definitely works overtime.  Scott has an innate storytelling ability that flows with adrenalin and passion as a result of the lifestyle that he’s lived.  Gottschalk carefully maneuvers around any theological debate in his book.  Rather than tell people what they ought to believe, he simply paints the picture of what has happened in his life, letting the reader formulate his or her own theory.

-Brent Schacherer, Editor, Independent Review Newspaper


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nine Lives To Eternity,a real-life book of adventures and God’s grace that will inspire you to give thanks for the moments of divine intervention in your own life and motivate you to live your life to its fullest.  I grew up on a farm and continue to operate one today.  Like Scott Gottschalk, I’ve had several “close calls” while farming, but it wasn’t until I read his book that I fully realized how important God’s hand was during those moments.  Scott’s commitment to “fulfilling dreams no matter the consequences” is contagious.  While reveling over the author’s incredible array of life experiences, I found myself revisiting my own
I’ll-do-that-later dreams and asking “Why not now?”

-Sadie Frericks, Columnist & Writer, Dairy Star Publication


Once again, Scott Gottschalk has managed to keep me on the edge of my seat!  A new genre for both of us, Terrifying Tales Unleashed is just that, and it will be sure to surprise you at every turn.  His imagination and characters combine to add just a dose of surreal to very real life situations and personalities.  I think Scott’s fans will enjoy this dip into the macabre!  While I still prefer to curl up with gentle bedtime reading, this collection of short stories will nestle nicely between Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood on my bookshelf.  Don’t miss it!

Juli Johnson, Writer & Columnist

Classic theatre-of-the-mind sort of tales.  After diving head first into Scott Gottschalk’s latest novel Terrifying Tales Unleashed, I had to remind myself that I was actually in my office!

Aaron Imholte, Production Director KLFD Radio

If you thought you knew Scott Gottschalk, think again. Gottschalk’s first two books, The Folk and Their Fauna and Nine Lives to Eternity, detailed the author’s experiences in a life-affirming, inspirational manner.  In Terrifying Tales Unleashed, Gottschalk lets his imagination run wild in a series of short stories that are sure to entertain horror fiction fans. Whether you prefer the physical struggles of movies like 127 Hours, the gore and depravity of Criminal Minds, the suspense of a Stephen King novel, or the creepiness of zombie comedies, Gottschalk has a story for you. I highly recommend you take a look at Gottschalk’s darker side in Terrifying Tales Unleashed.

Sally Ryman, Marketing Consultant